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Movie Assignment LeAndre Roberts Dr. West Bacone College 3/19/14 The movie I chose to watch was, “Do The Right Thing” directed by Spike Lee. There are a lot of things that I loved about this movie. For starters, Spike Lee directed the movie which was an added plus for the whole film. Spike Lee uses the same actors for most of his movies like Adam Sandler does for most of his films. It is unique for most film directors to do so, but for this film Spike Lee used his actors in perfect roles. I liked how he based the movie in one block so the audience doesn’t get confused from the story. Using one block instead of multiple cities was cool because he used multiple races to detail the story. With multiple races comes problems with…show more content…
From the races standing up for one another to them eventually tearing each other down. You could not see there faces or emotion if this were not a movie and it would have been effective in its message. Creating this story as a movie gives the viewer an inside to what is said when the characters are not speaking. For example, when the cops rode by three African American males who where not causing ant trouble. The stare down that they both gave could not be as effective if someone told it to you. For them both to then say, after a stare down, “What a waste”. The emotion and almost hate for one another could not be possible if this was not put into a movie form. Another example is how one of the characters shoes where accidentally stepped on by a white man in the middle of Brooklyn. A white man in the middle of Brooklyn made it bad, but the fact that he stepped on his shoes with everyone watching, and they were Jordan mad it worst. You could not see how he cleaned his shoes almost every time he could if not for a movie format. This movie had deeper messages in it that had to be seen, heard and felt. A movie is the only toll that can bring you that feeling. Spike Lee is one of those directors that uses the same actors in most of his movies, so this one was no different. I want name all of the characters and all the movies but know that the faces seen in this movie where also faces in other great movies. I could not find something in this movie that would have been borrowed from another movie. Do The Right Thing is in a class of its

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