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12 Angry Men Essay

  • Submitted by: mo3cyp10
  • on May 16, 2014
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12 Angry Men

Topic (Groupthink) that helps an individual understands the movie, 12 Angry Men.

“12 Angry Men”, is a movie about 12 jurors who get stuck in a room to debate if a person charged of murder is guilty or not guilty. The case seemed to look like a one sided case, but little did they know one guy would vote differently. The 11 men actually lost to one man, and it caused emotions from the beginning to the end of the movie.
This movie was all about non-ethical and lazy like sayings, such as: “lets get it over quick” and “who really cares”. One guy, the 8th juror, did not agree with these saying’s and believed that a tough decision like this could not be decided in 5 minutes. He played a smart game, which we call ’playing devils advocate’. While the 11 men thought the person charged was guilty, this one juror thought differently. The 12 angry men were your average men, but each one had a different side. One of the guys was your average sport’s loving guy, some were the typical ’followers’ of a crowd and few were smart; observant people. I recognized each person had a characteristic and/or a trait, but most did not know it or did not want to show it.
A great topic, which can relate to the group of men in this movie and be a way to better understand this movie, is Groupthink. This is a term/topic, which was developed by a social psychologist name Irving Janis. Groupthink is actually a process, which should be very avoided by jurors. It makes people in a group come to a decision, which is not the right one. The reason is because they are trying to move fast and “get it over with quick”. People in groups that have this problem are often afraid of getting into a fight with someone or a debate, so they rely on the easy route and agree with whomever. Groupthink has 8 certain symptoms that can easily relate to many characters in the 12 Angry Men. One symptom is when members forget about the warnings and rely on their own assumptions. Simply they close their...

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