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Thomas Woodrow Wilson has been considered, and most likely always will be considered, one of America’s greatest and most highly educated presidents. He has played a role in the advancement in nearly all of the major areas of the United States’ economy and government including; trade, labor issues, tariffs, amendments, balancing the level of income, etc. He has been one of the most successful presidents when it comes to foreign policies, as he established America’s importance in the world. Not only has he had successes in numerous political affairs, but he was also a truly brilliant man whom was a successful college professor and author before his years in the white house, most of his written pieces being on politic science and history. Woodrow…show more content…
Although no one believed he could because he suffered from bad eye sight and minor dyslexia, he became one of the most brilliant men of his time. In 1873 at the mere age of 16, Wilson enrolled at Davidson College in Charlotte, North Carolina. There he seemed to excel greatly in logic, public speaking, and foreign languages such as Latin. All was going well until in 1874 he was forced to drop out due to bad health for unknown reasons, although some like to argue it was homesickness. But soon enough he enrolled at Princeton University, one year later. He then finished off the remainder of school at Princeton graduating in 1879. Later in that same year, he began to take a fancy in law and enrolled at the University of Virginia. Wilson again, did not last very long and dropped out quickly because he was rejected by a cousin whom he was in love with. Wilson still took an interest in law though, and so for the next year he studied law on his own. In 1882, Wilson moved to Atlanta to start his own law firm, and was successful passing the Georgia bar exam, which is the exam that is needed to be taken to be approved and licensed to practice law. But his interest in law soon began to fade when a year later he gave up his law firm and enrolled, yet again, to John Hopkins University in Baltimore, as graduate student, and earned his Ph.D. in political science and history

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