The Butterfly Effect

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The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect was a science fiction psychological thriller full of suspense and excitement until the ending. The title of the movie acknowledges the chaos theory which is a theory that states that a small thing such a butterfly flapping its wings here can cause something catastrophic to occur in Africa. In the movie starring Ashton Kutcher as Evan, who suffered a traumatic childhood filled with blackouts that caused him to lose certain memories. Evan discovers that he has the ability to travel back in time and change his past, which than changes his present. Having had such a traumatic childhood filled with sexual abuse and tragedy he decides to change everything to make it right for him and all of his friends whose lives were also filled with tragedy. During the movie the audience was clueless on what was going to happen next. We wonder is Evan would ever be able to make things right for him and his troubled friends to each have a better present and future. Evans several attempts to have everything right is what made the movie suspenseful and exciting The theatrical cut of the movie which was the cut chosen to end the movie resolved the problem, but wasn’t as exciting as one would have predict it to be. This Movie being a psychological “thriller” you would think the ending would leave viewers with a mindset of us making are own prediction of what was going to happen next. That’s what seems to be theme at least up until the ending of the movie which took the excitement and suspense out, making the movie inconsistent and dull. Yes, everyone wanted to know if Evan would ever resolve his problem, but you would anticipate the ending to be a bit more dramatic. This is why I don’t think the theatrical cut was an appropriate ending because it lacked suspense, thrill, and excitement, but I did Evans dilemma. The theatrical ending is one
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