Redemption In A Christmas Carol

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“A Christmas Carol” is a morality tale by Charles Dickens of an old and bitter miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, who undergoes a profound experience of redemption over the course of one night. The setting of the story takes place in London, England in 1943 during the time of the Industrial Revolution. In the story, Marley, Scrooge’s dead business partner, surprises Scrooge with three ghosts to teach him a lesson – The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. The Ghosts show him different scenes in his life to stop him from being so cruel. Some people do not enjoy the story during Christmas. They think it is a very unhappy story. But Christmas is the perfect time to read the story. Christmas is the perfect time to learn about yourself and change for the better. The following paragraph will explain what the three ghosts showed Scrooge. The first spirit, The Ghost of Christmas Past, leads Scrooge on a…show more content…
In the story, Scrooge is a very cruel man. But then he sees what he has done and wants to change because he is terrified of his future. When people read the story, they want to learn about themselves and maybe even change to become better people. The story has a very positive message. In real life, of course, ghosts will not show up at peoples’ houses to show them their past, present, and future. People will just have to learn on their own and change on their own. I think that “A Christmas Carol” is the perfect story for this time of year. People can discover what is truly meaningful in life. We have to appreciate all the important aspects in life. Family and friends are very important in one’s life. In the story, Scrooge begins to feel affection for Tiny Tim, Mr.Cratchit’s son. Scrooge is afraid that Tiny Tim will die. For Scrooge, changing wasn’t just doing it and getting over with it, he knew it was right and wanted to do it. It’s really amazing how quickly he changed for the
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