Film Analysis For The Secret Life Of Bees

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Film Assignment: “The Secret Life of Bees” On the scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I would give this movie a rating of 8.5. This movie deserves this particular score because it manages to catch the audience’s attention and put them into the lives of the characters. Both the good and bad times. One of the two scenes that were well done was the scene when T. Ray came to the Boatwright house and lily opened the door and let him in. I feel like this scene was well done because highlights the maturity of lily by letting T. Ray and being able to stand up and speak for herself. The second scene was the death of May, I feel like this scene was well done because it shows the audience the sadness that the characters felt and forces the audience to feel that pain and feel for the Boatwright sisters, it also brings the audience close to the characters. One scene that could have been improved was the scene when Zach returned from where he had been after being kidnapped; I feel that it should have been improved by making it longer and therefore letting the audience to savor the moment with the characters of the film. “This film is full of sweet, subtle touches” says Corliss, complementing the film on its warmhearted theme, a feeling that the audience feels throughout most of the film. Lily played by Dakota Fanning is a pleasure to watch, she seemingly portrays the character with no effort but has an astounding result. As Corliss asserts that “there are few film pleasures as rewarding as watching Fanning listen” and that “Fanning has the eerie ability to lure the moviegoer’s eye over to the part of the screen where she is, seemingly doing nothing”. Fanning also brings the fictional character into reality. “she knows how close the camera is, how closely viewers are monitoring her moods, so she never pushes an emotion”, she merely lets the

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