Bye Bye Birdie Review

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Bye Bye Birdie Participating in Bye Bye Birdie showed me how much I have missed theatre! Although I did not act in this musical production, being there, doing the hair and makeup and watching my friends preparing for scenes, made me kind of sad that it wasn’t me. I LOVED the costumes and the acting and singing was fantastic! One of my favorite scenes was the opening when Conrad was running away from his screaming fans. The blocking was excellent. As an audience member watching the show, I found myself feeling like I was part of the hoopla with Conrad Birdie being chased! Another one of my favorite scenes was when Ursula called Kim and was at first talking to her on the phone and then opened her bedroom window to finish the conversation. It made me have a little bit of a feel for what a small town neighborhood is like. The set looked authentic for the time period and worked well for each act, however, the stage crew probably could have been a little more organized. It seemed as though they lagged or forgot to bring out what was needed for particular scenes but I must admit, it did seem to get better for each performance. The orchestra could have done a better job with playing the music throughout those longer scene changes in order to entertain the audience as they waited. It was a little awkward sitting through those long pauses with nothing to listen to. Also, they should have been able to realize that when there were microphone issues, they should play their instruments softer in order to help the singers to be heard a little better. The conductor should not have been sitting on such a high seat because he blocked a lot of the audience’s view. But for a bunch of high school kids, it wasn’t bad! The last scene on the train was good, but what would have really made it perfect
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