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Kevin Havens November 21, 2014 MUS 102 On November 13th, I attended the musical entitled “42nd street”. I found it to be very entertaining and culturally inspiring. It was the story of an acting troupe that put on a Broadway show right after the great depression during the 1930’s. Halfway through the show, the main actor, Dorothy Brock, injured herself and had to be replaced by her understudy Peggy Sawyer. Overall the show was amazing. It showed that even during a time of a slow economy, people can work together to overcome it. During the musical, the troupe performed many great songs. One of which was called “We’re in the money”. This one in particular was my favorite because of the catchy tune and the lyrical significance. I found the satirical overtone of the whole tune to really signify the problems in the past and often current society. As well, the song was one of those melodies that sticks in your head all day, but not the annoying kind. This kept the tune ‘catchy’ and helped the audience effectively pay attention to the message. The song talks about how the actors have hit it big time on Broadway with their performance of “Pretty Lady”.…show more content…
Throughout the entire musical there was a significant job by the brass as a whole and I loved how it added to the show. The warm tone of the trumpets and trombones added to the dark and casual atmosphere, and was far more effective than a woodwind instrument as the lead, for this would create a sharp and often light hearted feel to most songs. The entire orchestra did a great job adding the background and really enhanced the emotion behind the musical. They mostly kept in the background, instead of being overpowering, keeping the focus on the play, not the music. Without an orchestra, a musical would just be very plain and boring due to the fact that the catchy tunes kept me

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