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D2 Evaluate your experience of planning and participating in the recruitment and selection process I was in a selection interview which I performed as the candidate who was being interviewed. Their loads of aspect where I did well for example my body language was good. The tone of my voice for the interview was at a good level and I introduced myself by having a hand shake with the person who was interviewing me. I listened to the questions carefully i was being asked and i was giving good eye contact. Other aspect that I think that was good that at the end I was asking questions to the interviewer which showed that I was interested in the job role. This would show to the interview that I was interested in the job role and I showed interest. Although there was many aspects that were positive there was also negatives which we could have improved on. For example when I was keep looking on that sheet for the answer which should I did not remember all of the lines for the interview. The interview would also put pressure on us by looking at that us all the time instead of writing something down to make it look professional. I would also sometimes speak too fast which showed I was nervous which wasn’t good for the role play we was doing. How we could have improved the interview There are many ways we could have improved the interview for example we could have practice the role play and remembered the lines better. The interviewer could have pretended to write something which would have put less pressure on me which would have made me less nervous. At the end instead of only asking 2 questions I could have asked one more which would look really professional. Another process we could have improved on was the planning. I think we could have done the planning better, the way we could have done it better was by being more organised and doing the work

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