Compare And Contrast Essay On Pro Gun Vs Anti Gun

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Pro Gun or Anti Gun: What is Your Answer? Kelli R. Sumpter Com 156 University and Composition and Communication II October 13, 2013 Elyse A. Berube, Ed.D University of Phoenix Pro Gun or Anti Gun: What is Your Answer? As American citizens, we are born with certain God given and inalienable rights. Our founding fathers penned the God given and inalienable rights. America’s founding fathers penned the Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect America from tyranny, threats, and becoming anything other than the democracy they envisioned. Our societies, as a whole, have become violent in many ways. Everyday there are school shootings, gang related murders, and other violent acts of crime. The question is can the violence be stopped with alterations to our civil rights? Will strict laws limiting our rights to bear arms decrease the violence? These questions have sparked many debates, studies, and politicians attempting to pass extreme gun laws or even gun bans. The national conversations sparked by violent crimes involving guns have created many debates, and caused many boycotts of companies that side with either party. The NRA fuels the fires of these debates along with the Liberals and conservatives. Liberal point of view is to ban guns to control violence. America…show more content…
After George Washington was elected president of the Philadelphia Convention, he decided something had to be done to correct and strengthen the central government and laws. George Washington and James Madison decided the Articles of Confederation was not enough to help keep America going. An assembly was scheduled to revise the Articles, but rather than revising, it was better to draft a new Constitution. Out of 74 delegates, 55 attended the assembly. Some delegates could not be at the assembly, while a few refused to go because they didn’t want changes made to created and empower a national

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