Compare And Contrast Essay: Florida Vs. Mississippi

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# 2 Compare and Contrast Essay Draft 3 Florida and Mississippi Outline I. Florida and Mississippi have very few things in common in reference to climate, cuisine and fashion. II. Florida A. Climate B. Cuisine C. Fashion D. Demographics III. Mississippi A. Climate B. Cuisine C. Fashion D. Demographics IV. Florida and Mississippi seem to be more like two countries rather than states in lieu of their climate, cuisine and fashion. Florida and Mississippi Florida and Mississippi are two different states that are both located in the south. They both have Very many similarities but also poses many more differences. Both of the states stand out from all the rest of the…show more content…
Well enough about desert, it makes me hungry even thinking about it. Let’s talk about our various cultures that influence our cuisines. We have influences from the Bahamas, Caribbean, Jamaica, Haiti and even Brazil. The foods are aromatic in their flavors with the various spices used. The spices used are for some of the wide varieties of seafood we have to offer. Fashion in Florida is nothing to gawk about, it ranges anywhere from thong bikinis to Elegant Evening gowns. Florida is known for both its “Sun Life” to its “Night Life.” The sun life so to speak, is going to the beach and riding the waves while basking in the hot Florida sun. People wearing their bathing suits and shorts, and sometimes even miniskirts and mid tops. Most all the clothing for beach goers are themed in such a way, they have pale to pastel colors and various textures. After all the fun in the sun, we go into the night with our stiletto heels and super tight jeans or even a ball gown or to. Florida is very modern, and most are not shamed by what they ware. We are much like trendsetters of the world. According to Michael B. Sauter, and Douglas A. McIntyre, Florida is the fourth…show more content…
The styles are both unique, glamorous and laid back. The weather in Florida is also better, with its heat also comes the ocean breeze which make it a lot less humid than Mississippi and you don’t have to worry about the freezing cold temperatures in the winter. Last but not least, you can’t beat the cuisine that’s offered in Florida as it has such a great variety. Finally as you have read, Florida and Mississippi are more like two countries rather than states based on their climate, cuisine and fashion. From 2000 to 2012, the United States Census Bureau reported that Mississippi had the highest rate of increase of mixed-race population, up 70 percent in the decade, although the population has not markedly increased.[34] The change reflects new births among a young population, but also people who have chosen to identify as multiracial, who in earlier years may have identified as only one ethnicity. One demographer said, "In a sense, they’re rendering a more accurate portrait of their racial heritage that in the past would have been suppressed."[34] Susan Saulny, "Black and White and Married in the Deep South: A Shifting Image", New York Times, March 20, 2011, accessed October 25,

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