Why I Returned to School

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The Getaway I choose a location that I only get to go once and this is the only time I get for myself. I’m a childcare worker and I work over eleven hours a day. I can’t get a break not even if I’m sick because there is always a child that needs us. We are a very small center so we only have three teachers so it’s us all day every day. With that being said my favorite location would be Biloxi Mississippi. I go in June because I also love the summer time. The scenery and summer smells are great. People barbequing and kids enjoying the summer sun. Just a Great feeling. We arrive on Friday. I and my love go to the beach this day. Walk the shores and listen to the sounds of the water. Really this is just a relaxing day. We have a little barbeque for supper. Then have a little bon fire to roast marsh mellows and watch the cars roll in for the show on Saturday. So Saturday comes and we go to the car shoe and it’s great. There is never a dual moment and always something to hear or see. From music competitions, base competitions. You can also watch car and truck that have customs paint jobs or even crazy modification. It’s very different scenery. They even have cars and trucks you control from outside the car or truck. Saturday night we sit on the beach front and watch the cars with lights and the one who came to scrap the coast and make the biggest sparks. Sunday is a casino day. We got to several different one I feel this lets out stress. I love all the shows they put and the dinners are great. I have never had much luck with the casinos but I still enjoy going. One casino was in a hotel and even had a great night club that we attended that night it was very down to earth and very friendly atmosphere. I will do this many years to come or at least till I finish school to open my own daycare center then I will have time to myself and really find out where my favorite
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