Florida vs Missouri

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Essay 2 There are many differences between living in Florida and in Missouri, which can be both good and bad. Those include the average climate, cost of living, and the many different cultures. For similarities; there are jobs in both places, as well as different attractions to visit, both historical and fun. Florida’s weather is almost warm year round. Its wintertime temperatures rarely ever get below freezing, which is great for living near beaches year-round. Missouri winters can be well below freezing to above freezing. The weather changes in a blink of an eye. Missouri also has at least one ice storm every few years, and averages about thirty inches of snowfall annually. This makes fun for making snowmen and sledding. Summertime also varies between the two states. Florida summers are always hot but have a lower humidity rate, which is a plus because you can go to the beach and not get too hot while swimming or even tanning. Missouri on the other had gets extremely hot during the summer with a higher humidity rate; but similar to Florida there is rivers and lakes you can visit to escape the heat, which is great for floating down a river on a canoe or kayak or even tubing and skiing on the lake. The cost of living varies greatly between the two states as well. Florida is very expensive to live in. This includes gas prices, rent, price to buy a home, and even for people that smoke; cigarettes. Living in Florida is expensive because you are never more than thirty miles from the beach. Tourists visit year-round, so prices are more in places that have the most attractions like Orlando and Tampa. Missouri is a lot less expensive to live. Prices on everything are cheaper and there are a lot of crops grown in some areas which are available to locals. Gas in Missouri is almost cheaper than most of the United States, along with rental properties, and even homes

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