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Lindsay Nixon Descriptive Essay "Beach" M. Brumley 1/23/14 There are many places to vacation during summer. However, the most popular place is the beach. The beach is beautiful, relaxing, and just all around exciting place to be during the summer time. When you hear the word "beach", what comes to mind? For me, it's the beautiful, clear blue skies. The sun shines down on the shore with it's shimmering, bright, boiling rays. The seagulls flying over top of your head, almost so close you could touch them is breath-taking. The bubbling, white sea foam that gathers at the shore line always catches my eye because it feels sticky between your toes. The smooth, warm, sandy beaches are always a sight to see. While walking down the beach, you'll see thousands of different sea shells. Some are big, some are small, some are just so pretty you have to take them home. You have to be careful, not to step on one because it's painful; especially if you're bare-footed. One of the most exciting things at the beach is the carnivals that are there. The rides are dramatic but fascinating. Some go so fast that they take your breath away. If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, you need to ride some of the rides they have at the beach. And the best thing about it, the carnival is open year round so you can go anytime you want. Most people prefer going in the summer time though. The bitter taste of the salt water when it gets in your mouth is really the only con about going to the beach. The ice cold, sweet ice cream makes up for it though. The best thing to eat while you're at the beach are crab legs. They are so buttery and delicous it should be a crime to serve them because they are so good. Another popular item to eat while you're there is the sizzling, fresh hot dogs you buy at the concession stands on the beach. You can get

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