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ENGL 101 02/08/2013 A Day at the Beach The sun beats down on my face creating a feeling of warmth and peacefulness. I tilt my head automatically towards the sun, my body craving the UV light that is gradually tanning and hardening my moisturized skin. The cool ocean breeze fans lightly over my face, my stray hairs picking up in the breeze. My lips automatically curve upward in pleasure of this sensation. I turn over on my beach towel to allow the sun to penetrate my back. As the warmth spreads throughout my back, I sigh in content into my colorful beach towel. My towel is a comfort as it has been my designated beach towel for years. It brings back many wonderful memories of friends and family outings to the coast. I stretch out feeling the relaxed satisfaction of warm, lengthened muscles atop of soft woven cotton. I take a deep breath, reveling in the salty ocean smell that relaxes my body. I turn to listen to the chorus of the waves crashing ashore and the singing of the seagulls above me. I join in, humming my own tune to add to their melody. Nearby, palm trees wave at me from above welcoming me to their home. I smile back at them enjoying their friendliness. Thirsty, I reach for my lemonade inside my cooler. The drink is cool and refreshing as it chills my body inside out. Feeling reinvigorated, I rise up from my spot and head to the shoreline to walk amongst the sand and the waves. The water collides with my legs and feet as I walk serenely towards the setting sun. My breath skips at all the beautiful colors escaping into the sky. I am in wonder of this exquisite, living place. I look around me thankful of receiving such a gift. The beach played the wonderful, accommodating host in my visit to this paradise. A Day at the Beach The sun scorches my skin leaving traces of painful red burns. I rub sunblock messily over my body to ease the

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