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26th September 2012 Dear Annie, Snorkelling in Hawaii was the most magical, captivating experience. It made me feel like I was in a different world, like I was an underwater explorer. I could see the all types of enchanting fish, the different vibrant colours, unusual shapes and extraordinary sizes. It was incredible! The people in Hawaii are so friendly and welcoming. You with your outgoing nature would fit in perfectly. One of the friendliest things they did was greeting me with garland necklace. The weather in Hawaii was perfect. The sun shone brightly every day, reaching temperatures of 35 degrees. On the days when we weren’t busy, we relaxed by the pool with a cool drink and read a magazine. I know you would like this too because you like to have quiet moments by yourself. I personally enjoyed getting the flawless tan whilst floating in the pool on my inflatable. One really exciting thing that you might like to do is going to visit the volcanos. Although we were told it was perfectly safe, I still felt very daring standing next to the sizzling active volcano. It looked unique and amazing with the grey ash blurring our vision and the red hot lava bubbling underneath. Another thing I know you would absolutely love is surfing because of your active, sporty lifestyle. The foamy white waves were overwhelming and fascinating. I felt so proud when I finally conquered the skill of standing up on the surfing board. The smell of the sea and the sight of the crystal blue waters were just surreal. The atmosphere and scenery in Hawaii was defiantly once of the most memorable aspects of my visit. The bright green palm trees were everywhere, making my trip feel so real although I felt like I was in a dream my whole experience was so amazing. As I walked along the tropical beaches, the sand pressing into my toes and the sounds of the crashing waves were

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