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Community Profile As members of a community there is a social responsibility that individuals must uphold to make the community a better place to live. Communities can be similar and different in many ways. These similarities and differences in community actions come in a variety of ways; from the type of people that live in the community, to the type of work they do, how they interact, the social and economical climate of the community, as well as a variety of other aspects that make each community unique. Similarities and differences help communities find their identity and build the character of the community. Similarities in the community The case study reveals a common team within the learning team b member’s city profile. The type of individual’s that live in each city are hard working, honest, care deeply about their community, their family values are unparallel. Each member of the community would like nothing more but to see their kids grow up in a friendly environmental sound atmosphere. People involve themselves in their community affairs, by volunteering their time at their local library, YMCA, and the local chapter of Boy Scout Club. The types of work they do are also similar, government and private sector jobs; ranges from librarian, police officers, school teachers, administrators, insurance, store keepers, restaurant, and construction. The communities are the microcosms of America, upper to middle class family. Their favorite places to meet are at his or hers local parks and recreation, the city mall and museum. Social networks are still, to a large extent important, the existence of these networks is evidence of community strengthen by: community support for particularly individuals, gift-giving to the elderly, assistance among the elderly, community participation in major events affecting the

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