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Community Service Essay Community service is one of the best ways to help out the people around you in your town or city. And one of the best ways to boost how you feel about yourself. From serving your own community, to serving one hours away. No matter what role you play. From the people who plan the events and lead the people under them to what they are doing, to the people working for them to make their community better. It makes it so much better mentally when it goes perfectly and everyone including the people who work are happy. You learn so many life skills from what you do when you work to make your community a better place. My sophomore year of high school. I went to the longest community service event I have ever experienced. We went to the Tuskegee Veterans Nursing Home. My old AFJROTC drove in three buses four hours from Fort Walton Beach High School to the Nursing home. And our job was to take care of the old and/or disabled veterans to make them happy for the upcoming Christmas. We would bring presents in to them and see their faces light up from the young kids walking to them and telling them “Merry Christmas” and give them presents. Many of them had stories to say before we left the rooms. They were mostly about what they had done in their past to be able to have such a great place to be in. It was an incredible experience. You felt happy for them being so happy, but again feel bad for them because their families aren’t able to be there for them. It was a bittersweet experience for everyone in our group. I had a mostly simple role in the project. I was to grab a present from a giant cart and walk into a room with at least four hospital beds with the old men and women veterans. We were to keep them entertained for three to five minutes. Those minutes went by very quickly. Many of them were very lonely. It made you feel bad for them because they

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