Community Profiling Essay

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Community Profiling Definitions Community A common bond by which people choose to associate around. It is a very slippery idea. Sociologically it is almost meaningless. It can be based, for example, on: place, ethnicity, religious affiliation, leisure interests,work, traditions, politics, class, age. The list is almost endless. Neighbourhood A residential area where those who live there consider it to be their locality. Key Concepts A community profile is an attempt to describe a particular community or neighbourhood. It uses a variety of different techniques to build up a picture of the community from a number of perspectives. The purpose for doing a community profile can vary enormously but is normally orientated towards preparing the ground for an effective piece of community action. By listening to a community through doing a community profile any subsequent action is likely to be more rooted, more productive and more sympathetic to what is already going on. This depends on how the community profile is done, who owns it and how it is followed up. Some Forms of Community Profiling Individual action research This is most likely done by an individual minister or community worker who is new to the neighbourhood. The profile will enable the worker to orientate themself and begin to identify what might be fruitful avenues in which to put their effort. There may be support from a “site team” but the initiative is essentially down to the individual worker. Corporate action research Here action is initiated by a group. A multi-agency group of professionals would be an example or a group of tenants facilitated by a community worker. It is more likely to be focused on a particular problem which the individuals are all concerned about. When successful it can be more effective in promoting action than individual action research but it is more

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