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Community Profile Paper According to eHow contributor Helen Anderson (2014) social responsibility is described as the “ideology of ethical behavior that maintains that individuals and groups should act in the interests of the greater social good” (para. 1). Usually social responsibility is referred as an obligation of businesses towards the community or society they are in (Anderson, 2014, para. 1). Every person has an obligation to be socially responsible towards their community. Social responsibility is an ethical doctrine which is defined differently by each person. To explore how different social responsibility is from one community to another, we chose four communities in which we have lived. Each of these four communities has a different idea of what it means to be socially responsible. The Jackson Park military housing community in Bremerton, WA, is made up of all military families. Every household in this community has a military member in it. There is a variety of races and backgrounds in this community. Although members of this community come from different backgrounds it is a very close community, mostly because many of them have no other family members close by; therefore, they rely on each other for help and support. Member of the Jackson Park community interact in different parts of the community. Since many of the families have children they mostly interact in the park playground or recreation center. Many of them also interact in the military base commissary, internet café, or gym. Jackson Park offers many services to the members of this community. Many of the services include counseling services such as marriage counseling, post deployment counseling, and even parenting classes. Other services are things like the military daycare, 24 hour emergency maintenance services, and 24 hour security services. The members of the Jackson Park community
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