The Importance Of Community Design

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In order to create sustainable community development, Hopkins (2008) stated that it involves the ability to work with others from different experiences to close the gap of social capital. Creating and continuing good relationships with local community’s members require ability to recognize personal differences. Beem (1999) mentioned that to build or rebuild community and trust among its members by utilizing social capital, it demands face-to-face communication. In terms of citizen participation and community design, it is essential to provide enough resources for a local community to work together to produce desirable outcomes that benefit the group members or the third party. This mutual opportunity to share knowledge on public issues offer…show more content…
Potential steps of community engagement for community design could range from project consultation with relevant stakeholders, providing information and services during public participation development, and decision making involvement on certain issues to reach final design and implementations. It is also crucial to include as many participants in community design as possible. Those stakeholders may come from groups of local residents, interest based group, cultural groups, voluntary groups, virtual groups, public agencies, and private sectors. Guidelines from Community Planning Toolkit’s website introduced several techniques for citizen participation to engage local community members and other participants. It depends on facilitators and project managers to choose and apply the methods by considering appropriateness and strengths in each one of them. In this report, I would like to mention some useful public participation techniques that my organization has been used as the…show more content…
Sense of ownership and level of engagement will be higher when people could imagine and relate themselves in the model in different ways. It is also easy to understand the direction and project orientation from the model. However, this method may generate fantasy of development that cannot be implemented in reality. Conflicts of interests and disagreements of certain issues in a particular location will appear on the surface, if each participants put their ideas in the model. Moreover, making a model can be time consuming process and the participants may not be able to finish model construction if they do not have enough

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