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Communication Studies Reflective Piece- Newspaper Editorial Essay

  • Submitted by: SYMIBOO
  • on April 19, 2013
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What are the effects of my treatment towards my child? Is it that devastating?
Tuesday March, 5, 2013
This is just one of the many question most of our parents are struggling to answer in this day and age. Unable to answer it they continue to act in their ignorant and uncivil manner. Do they really know why their five year old son never does well in school or why their teenage son always seems to be getting into trouble with the law? I guess not.
One may break down the effects of abuse in general into physical, emotional, physiological etc. but in our society today it is impossible to separate them as some children are being affected in every way.
Abuse of children may cause them to feel insecure; children who are abused have some serious post traumatic disorder. Abuse causes children to have serious problems in their brain development.
One of the most common effects of abuse is behavioural problems. Although this is a common problem some parents and guardians still don’t know the reason for their child’s absurd behaviour and because of this they fail to deal with the situation in the correct way. Researchers have linked abuse to internal problems such as isolation and depression and external problems such as aggression and hyperactivity. A research done   with students in Grades 6, 9 and 12 in a public school in the United States, Harrison and colleagues found that experiences of physical or sexual abuse increased the likelihood of students using alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. A further study in the United States found that 28% of physically abused adolescents used drugs compared to 14% of non-abused adolescents (Perkins & Jones, 2004). Compared to 22% of the non-abused group, 36% of physically abused adolescents also had high levels of alcohol use and I am absolutely sure that this is not only happening in America but here in Jamaica.

Have you every stop to wonder why there are so many criminal activities taking place in our country? Well if you...

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