Long Term Effects Of Child Abuse

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In the USA, an estimated 906,000 children are victims of abuse every year, making child abuse as common as it is shocking. The heartbreaking truth is eighty seven percent of child abuse occurs in the home by one or both parents. The effects of child abuse are devastating. For short term effects, the abuse can damage the child’s health and negatively influence their growth. Long term abuse can eventually kill them. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional or sexual, the scars can be deep and long-lasting, often leading to future child abuse. If a child survives or escapes their abusive family, there is an eighty percent chance that he or she would have problems dealing with emotions, relating to friends and getting close to people when they grow up. Physical abuse is physical aggression directed at a child by an adult. It can involve striking, burning, choking or shaking a child, and the distinction between discipline and abuse is often…show more content…
Emotional abuse includes excessive, aggressive or unreasonable demands that place expectations on a child beyond his or her capacity. It can include anything from verbal abuse and constant criticism to more subtle tactics, such as repeated disapproval or even the refusal to ever be pleased. The negative messages of emotional child abuse causes inner damage that either destroys or impairs the development of a positive sense of self. Studies conclude kids may experience a lifelong pattern of depression, estrangement, anxiety, low self esteem, inappropriate or troubled relationships and a lack of empathy. As teenagers, they find it difficult to trust, participate in and achieve happiness in interpersonal relationships, and resolve the complex feelings left over from their childhoods. As adults, they may have trouble recognizing and appreciating the needs and feelings of their own children and emotionally abuse them as

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