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COMMUNICATION APPLICATIONS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS BASIC INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: 1. What are your strengths and weaknesses? STRENGTHS-My strengths are that I get really into what I do and don't stop until its finished and I have a passion for what I do WEAKNESSES- Once in a while I get really lazy. 2. What would you like to be doing in five years? I would like to be a full time fashion stylist/photographer with your company at Vogue Magazine. 3. What have been your favorite and least favorite courses? My favorite courses subsisted of English, Fashion design, Fashion Marketing, photography, and…show more content…
Tell me about a situation that got out of control. How did you handle it? There was one time that my boss scheduled another stylist on all of my hours, I calmly went to my boss and sat down and spoke about what was wrong and he gladly changed the hours of the other stylist. 4. Describe the best/worst co-worker you've ever had? They best co-worker I've had would always help out and try anything to make the process go smoothly so there are no mistakes and we could get the job done, The worst co-worker I've had was the complete opposite of what was just explained he would always slack off and never get the job done and got fired in a week. 5. How would you define a good working atmosphere? A good working atmosphere is were an employee doesn't not feel threatened by other colleagues and/or their boss, an atmosphere where you could freely speak your mind and be creative. COOPERATION WITH CO-WORKERS: 1. What types of people have trouble getting along with you? People that are lazy and are slackers on every piece of work they do are the people I don't usually get along

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