The Catbird Seat

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Imagination Leads to Success Imagination is the ability to form new images and sensation that are not perceived through senses such as sight, and hearing. Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems, allows to get the hopes up, and create future. In the story The Catbird Sit by James Thurber, Mr. Martin uses imagination to achieve desired outcome without suspicion of others. Mr. Martin is working at a firm called F & S for twenty-two years. He is known to be a very concentrated and efficient worker, who never smokes nor drinks. Mr. Fitweiler, the employer, always trusted Mr. Martin. Mr. Fitweiler employs a new advisor, Miss Barrows, she was reordering the whole firm, causes a lot of employees to lose their jobs. Mr. Martin sees it as a threat and decided to kill her. Mr. Martin uses imagination to create his plan. He relies the status his colleagues have put him in, in order not to raise suspicion of others. He goes to Ms. Barrows house and has a couple of drink and smokes cigarettes, He tells her about his “real” thoughts of Mr. Fitweiler and tells her about his plan to “bomb” him. Next day, Miss Barrows tells Mr. Fitweiler about Mr. Martin’s plan. But Mr. Fitweiler finds it hard to believe because everyone knows that Mr. Martin is a very efficient worker, never smokes, and never drink anything stronger than ginger ale. Mr. Martin tells Mr. Fitweiler that Miss Borrows suffers a psychological stress. Although she is telling the truth, nobody can believe her because they have known Mr. Martin for a long time and know his life style. Mr. Martin makes an incredibly wise plan to get Miss Barrows fired using imagination. He creates a scenario which relies on the aspect of the status his colleagues have put him into in order to solve his problem and achieve his desired
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