Role of Social Care Worker

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1.11.2 | Unit 6 Role of the social care worker Q1 What are the differences between a personal relationship with a friend, a relationship with a colleague and a professional relationship with a service user? A relationship with a friend is intimate and you share information, thoughts, feelings and you can relax and be yourself with your friends. Although you can be friendly with your colleagues at work, you need to maintain a professional working relationship. This means that you need to behave appropriately and maybe tailor your personality a little, not using language or humour you may feel comfortable to use with friends. Working relationships with colleagues may form into friendships and you may spend time with colleagues outside of work. This is not uncommon as you spend a great deal of time in a close working environment but these friendships rarely have the same sense of ease and comfort you feel with the friendships that have formed in a more organic way. The relationship between worker and client is even less of a two way thing. The focus needs to remain on the client and very little information (if any) should be disclosed by the worker about themselves. A bond is formed as the worker treats the client with unconditional positive regard and seems interested and may even be interested in the client’s life. The client begins to trust the worker and may disclose things they haven’t disclosed to anyone before. It is important for the worker to maintain professional boundaries such as, not meeting the client outside, not disclosing personal information about themselves etc as the relationship is easily confused for friendship by the service user. It is the responsibility of the worker to not blur the lines. Learning outcome 2 Be able to work in ways that are agreed with the employer. Q2 You are required to follow policies and procedures within your
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