Understanding the Role of the Social Worker Nvq Level 3

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Assignment 206 Understand the role of the social care worker Task A – Short Answer Questions Explain three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship. Working relationships are professional and work in accordance with based on formal policies and procedures of the company and bound by contracts of employment and have codes of practice to be followed. Personal relationships are outside of the workplace. These are the relationships you have with family, friends or husband/partners. Personal relationships are based on emotions and are informal, often the shared support system between each other were feelings and thoughts are discussed and be who you are with family or friends. Personal relationships involve social activities outside of work. Give two examples of different working relationships in an adult social care setting. The care assistant role is to make sure that every support they give to individuals is according to their personal care plan; it is their role to provide the client with a good quality of care. This is done by involving the individual in all the decision making process and encouraging the active participation and feedback on their support service they are receiving. Also to communicate with other Health professionals in the best interest of the client with the full consent of the client as and when necessary. The role of a care home manager is to fulfil the role of a registered manager with the 24-hour responsibility for managing and overseeing all services of the car home. The care home manager ensures consent is established before any care is provided to the individuals. They ensure that the support the individuals is receiving is adequate to the individuals when they cannot make decisions by themselves. They ensure that all staff who works in their organization, provides care to

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