Coca Cola Case

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Corporate Social Responsibilities 1. Summarize Coca Cola’s position in the debate about obesity. By making American population aware of the obesity curse that America is facing, Coca Cola wants to show how implicating in this issue it is. Indeed, the firm considers having the duty to solve this problem as being the leader of the sugary drinks industry in the USA. 2. Summarize Coca Cola’s measures that address health problems
related to obesity. To fight against obesity, Coca Cola has undertaken the following measures: * Create low calorie beverages and smaller portion cans. * Put calories information on cans. * Put only low calories beverages into schools. * Support healthy social programs. * Makes everyone aware they have to choose the best beverage for them. 3. Analyse the possible motivations of The Coca Cola Company for its position and its measures on obesity. Coca Cola has various motivations in doing this campaign. First, it is a way for them to prevent them from a negative publicity. Indeed, NGOs are accusing sugar-sweetened beverage of being responsible of the rising obesity. Through this campaign, Coca Cola is saying two things: they are fighting against obesity meaning they are socially implicated which is valued by consumers and so create a good image for them; then, Coca Cola is not responsible of obesity because they sell no calorie beverages and so in fact the consumers are the ones responsible of choosing such beverages. Moreover, they want to avoid possible losses. By clearing its responsibilities and having a good image, fewer lobbies would be willing to tax their beverages or to force population to drink less sweetened beverages. Finally, it’s a way of attracting new consumers, the ones who want to loose weights. 4. If you were to advise Coca Cola on its CSR activities, would you suggest a different
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