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Cisco was highly successful with its ERP effort. What accounts for this success? What were the most important things that Cisco did correctly? Today, businesses function on complex processes that involve compound and interdependent structures that make companies to appreciate enterprise resource planning system (ERP)_which can incorporate, manage and process all information in one system. This system can be only possible with an appropriate fusion of right selection of computer hardware and software. To better implement an ERP system in a firm, also a particular guideline is needed to help employees build their own set of procedures. The Cisco ERP implementation project has been great success and is well known for its design, network, communication and services. Often, Cisco ERP is considered as a standard for other ERP implementation. Their achievement was tied in with several contributing factors: - At Cisco, top management provided full support to projects from the very beginning. This provision accelerated the synchronization among the upper management, lower management, and the team in control of the project. The cross-functional work, communication and teamwork between the top management and executives were the keys to Cisco’s success. Every member of a team was directly involved in a project with the philosophy of not only the management can make decisions, but also employees at the bottom can be a part of decision-making. - Another crucial factor to Cisco ERP implementation was proper incorporation of the individuals. The well-informed employees made the complex project of ERP implementation much easier and practical. - Furthermore, Oracle remarkable handling of the project by enough personnel and resources to execute such a project was notable part of the success. - Cisco ERP project became possible and further empowered by setting of

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