Christopher Columbus Role Model Essay

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Admiral of the ocean, a title given to the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. He was a man who was given numerous names for almost every place he discovered. He stood the test of time and brought new curiosity to the minds of people everywhere in the old world. He spread knowledge to far places, brought an understanding of Christian faith to native Indians and started an investment opportunity for the king and Queen. For all of his noble actions of bravery he is a role model to us all. First of all, Mr. Columbus was a person that contained so much knowledge. And all that knowledge was from his journeys. Whether it is stuff he brought to the new world or what he brought back from the new world he had a new thing to talk about. One of the…show more content…
Being the diehard Christian that he was, brought spirit lifting tales to isolated Native Americans. Giving a clear understanding for his religion to every place he went. As long as he was traveling, his belief would spread. One way it spread to people was through stories and the biggest story that spread was Uncles Tom’s Cabin. In a chain of reaction Columbus brought Christian culture, as time passed the thought of Christianity spread to the story of Uncle Tom and that brought people hope. with the aid of Columbus he was able to spread Christianity to far regions and inspire new people to his…show more content…
He showed what a gold mine the new world was ad what greatness would come from this amazing opportunity. Learning what lied beyond the Atlantic Ocean they started to fund more expeditions to their new producing land. This was good because Spain was a weak country compared to other countries. So with the biggest discovery going on the king and queen could take advantage and bring them out of depression. With the help of Christopher Columbus they were able to start confidently fund trips to the new world that quickly made Spain a powerful

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