Native American Cultural Misunderstandings

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RELIGION IN AMERICA – MIDTERM REVIEW Cultural misunderstandings in the encounter between Native American religions and Colonial missionaries - Native Americans thought they were themselves guests of the land so how could anyone say you own the land. - When the Europeans came to the New World they wanted to enforce Christianity on the Native Americans. The Church and priests took this as they were converting. But converting means changing your ways and the Native Americans would not change their spiritual lifestyle. The two groups went to war and the Native Americans targeted and killed many priests. - The New World challenged and changed the religious faiths the first European settlers brought to it. In New Mexico, the spiritual rituals of the Pueblo Indians collided with the Catholic of the Spanish Franciscan friars who came to convert them, ultimately exploding in violent rebellion. 2. Role of missionaries in the encounter between Native Americans and Colonists Missionaries came to save heathen souls. I am supposed to go to places where they haven’t heard this story and share this story and gospel message because I believe it’s true…show more content…
She is the future in the sense that she opened the door to the idea that religion happens inside us and God can speak to us. More than a century later, America became fertile ground for Ann Hutchinson’s ideas. More than a million people arrived from different nations with different faiths. The early Americans and colonist questioned who they are. A man named Reverend George Whitfield offered an answer, introducing them to the idea of spiritual rebirth. Like Anne Hutchinson, he says that there is a connection between God and the individual. He says that spiritual rebirth can happen to anyone and that it happened to him. He went around the country preaching his message and he found people eager to listen to his message of

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