Christopher Columbus: Hero Essay

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Bold, Brave and Born a Leader, Christopher Columbus Embodied It All Christopher Columbus was a man of many traits. He was ambitious, a strong leader, courageous, and passionate. He was not only an extremely important historical figure, but also a man who will forever be known as someone who changed the course of history. Along the way, Columbus may have been accused of things such as “stealing land” or “unnecessary brutality”, but in reality without Columbus, we wouldn’t be here today talking about his many successful voyages and achievements. Christopher Columbus was an incredible sea voyager that presented amazing navigation and extensive knowledge on world geography. Two people in particular noticed these skills he possessed, and wanted to utilize them. These two people were King Ferdinand, and Queen Isabella. Columbus had first attempted to get support from the Spanish Crown, but after that showed to be unsuccessful, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand finally agreed to sponsor Columbus in 1492. There were a few other reasons why Isabella and Ferdinand were driven to support Columbus and those were their great desire to spread Christianity, as well as compete with Portugal for new sources of wealth. Christopher had a great amount of pressure from the King and Queen to come back with a successful overall journey. They’re expectations had a great toll on him, and added a lot of pressure to be successful on his voyage. After all, these two people were putting their faith into him, to cover their requests of spreading Christianity, and gaining wealth. A quote from Samuel Eliot Morison reinforces the stress that was inflicted on Columbus, “…the admiral (Columbus), it is true, was as blind as those who came after him, and he was so anxious to please the King that he committed irreparable crimes against the Indians” This quote is important because it directly relates

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