Martin Luther King's Distinctive Voice

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Speech By Jamie Toskovski There are many ways people and their experiences can be brought to life through the distinctive voices of other people. These distinctive voices can be interpreted through speeches and song lyrics to give a point or amplify to the public the struggle people are going through. Two great examples of speakers that conveyed distinctive voices in their speeches include Martin Luther King in “I have a dream” and Severn Suzuki’s “Address to the Plenary Summit, Earth Summit. My related material Michael Jackson’s song “Heal the World” is another example of a distinctive voice enhanced through song lyrics to the public. What also brings the outcomes and affect on people through the distinctive voices is not only the voice itself…show more content…
He was a preacher and had Christian authority which already showed to the public that he previously was known to have a strong voice. MLK’s distinctive voice was so strong back when his non-voilent protest was held and still is to this current day. The issue he informs to the public was to realise that all Americans of the population deserve to have equal rights, justice and equality. He impacted with this by tying the past with the present and to stamp all Black Americans rights to be there. Within the quote “Five score years ago..” MLK makes a historical reference and uses a technique such as allusion to emancipation proclamation to engage the audience into his…show more content…
His distinctive voice was able to bring the peoples experiences to life due to previous experience of being a preacher gave the speech authenticity and made him a natural choice to present such an iconic speech for the movement. His reasons to establish this is to unite Christian America and what he literally means through that is to include Black afro-Americans as well. He gives a moral and religious authority to the language and also to the sentiment which legitimises it. He then speaks on behalf of all religions by explaining “Jews, Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics we are all God’s children..” he uses religious reference and sermon like language as techniques in this

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