Short Essay: The Life Of Malcolm X

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The Life of Malcolm X Malcolm X was born on the nineteenth of May, in the year 1925. He was one among those that ever eXperienced the worst human chronicle in transformation of the annals of African American History. His struggle showed a testimony that one can rise above all forces of oppression and intimidation and become liberated and successful. Many African Americans today get their motivation from Malcolm X (Campbell and HuXman, 2008). Malcolm X’s popularity is still everywhere throughout the world today. In fact, his name has become a fashion and fad that is actively selling throughout the world. It is said that there is no young African American political leader who is rated as popular as Malcolm X in the world today. The tapes of his speeches are looked for and he is very much popularly known as our black shining prince. His memorabilia are taken as the hottest things that are being sold on the streets by street vendors and in the gift shops that are operated by blacks. The things that showcase him have been in the lime-light for a good while now, for instance, t-shirts, buttons, caps and posters. In this paper I will eXplore and analyze the life of Malcolm X. Discussion…show more content…
He was as courageous as to be selfless and offer his services to all regardless of race, ethnicity or commitment that one originated. Malcolm X portrayed the qualities of a true leader in reality. This was actually confirmed with how people liked him. People did so many things to show what value Malcolm X had on them. It is this reason that made Malcolm X a political icon and a leader that will remain in the world history for centuries to come. It is the life that he led and how he managed to come out successful from a life full of difficulties and raging
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