Famous Thinkers Essay

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Famous Thinkers PHL/458 April 19, 2012 Certain distinctions can be found between famous thinkers and ordinary individuals. Famous thinkers possess many of the same traits and can come up with a multitude of ideas for solving the same problem. By using the lateral thinking method in critical thinking they were able to find a variety of methods available that ordinary people would never think of. These traits have been crucial to the successes of many famous thinkers throughout the years and will be the same traits used by the famous thinkers of the future. Two famous thinkers that deserve a large amount of credit for their work and are the subjects of this paper are Martin Luther King Jr. and Andrew Cohen. Both of these individuals influenced society in their own unique way by inspiring people to look at the big picture and make positive changes in their lives. Martin Luther King Jr. had a profound impact on society and his contributions were many. He is known as one of the great, if not the greatest leaders of the civil rights movement. His ability to influence people of all colors to examine their views of equality and racial issues was amazing. He was instrumental in the way the United States revised laws to ensure people are equal regardless of the color of their skin. Dr. King was a very well educated man and also an eloquent speaker. He used emotions and logic to get his points across to the audiences he was trying to reach. His most famous speech earned him the “Man of the Year Award” and he also was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Andrew Cohen has had his share of contributions to society. He founded the non-profit organization EnlightenNext. EnlightenNext is a non-profit organization devoted to the continued evolution in awareness and culture. Andrew Cohen is known extensively for his contributions dealing with evolutionary
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