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Martin Luther King Jr. Throughout history there have been many great leaders, that have greatly impacted the world. One man that has greatly impacted the tools is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is most famous for his movement to make race a non factor in society all over the world. One of his well known for his motivating speeches, like his "I have a dream" speech made on Augest 28th, 1963. Through this speech he changed the views of so many. But how else did eh impact the world? Martin Luther King had a vision of a society where the color of your skin didn't determine the way you had to live or how your were of my favorite quotes of his is from his I have a dream speech, "I have a dream that my four little children will…show more content…
Martin Luther King, in my eyes, is considered one of the greatest role models for young people of all ages and races. It's as if no matter where you grow up in the world, wether it be in the U.S. or on the other side of the world, you will come to hear of Dr. King and his work. Another quote I found interesting was, "Injustice anywhere is a treat to justice everywhere."This is what I think makes him a great role model, because he shows that there are always ways to make a difference, and to be equil is to be one as a whole. I admire and look up to Dr. King and his lessons because I've hurd the stories of struggle and hurt that people, who were just a little different, had to undergo. It crinkly hit hard to home. I see Martin Luther King as a great person and impact on the world. He did great things and it's sad his life had to be cut short. Over the summer we read the book " Outliers". In the book it talked about how being successful ment you put 10,000 hours worth of work into your dream and you were successful. In Dr. King's case I find this so be so untrue. I think he had a dream and put his heart ans soul into what he believed was right and made a change. His success had nothing to do with the number of hours he put in, it was about him striving to accomplish his…show more content…
King was elected president of the Montgomery Improvement Association. He then became the official spokesman for the boycott. -November 13, 1956: The Supreme Court ruled that bus segreagation was illegal. -1957: Martin Luther King Jr. formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) to fight segregation and achieve civil rights. -1958: Martin's first book, "Stride Toward Freedom", was published. -1958: Marting Luther King Jr. was all most killed when he was stabbed in Harlem, NY while he was on a book tour. He was stabbed by Izola Ware Curry with a letter opener. She was also had a gun. -1959: Dr.King resigned as pastor of the Dexter Avenue Babtist Church to work on civil rights full time and to direct the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). -1960: Martin Luther King Jr. became co-paster of the Ebenezer Baptist Church with his father. -1960: He was arrested during a protest at a restuarant and sentenced to four months in jail. He was released after John and Roberet Kennedy came to help. -1961: The first Freedom Ride through the South took place by CORE, Congress for Racial Equality. Due to the work of King the Interstate Commerce Commision banned segregation on interstate

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