Michael Jordan Black Culture Essay

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I was extremely fascinated by the new idea , in particular, the cultural impact that the black culture has had on the material and capital world. The uncovered aspect is more ingrained into society than what I ever thought possible. The symbolic trait's that black culture holds is huge,this is with much thanks to the mass media. What mass media has created, creates consumer buy in. Eventually it transfers into society, making the black culture a multi-billion dollar investment. “Michael Jordan's impact on the US economy in his last year as a basketball player with Chicago bulls: $10 billion” Fortune magazine. I refer to another quote “One compelling motivation behind certain human behavior is the desire for material goods”.1 Everybody,everywhere,wants to purchase products. Culture and the material world have a large contribution into this world. “Ideological predispositions and social practices that make up styles and lifestyles are constructed in large measure from symbolic and material resources of the commercial market”2 “The American athletic sport shoe, 'Nike' have became a stunning economic, symbolic and cultural success of worldwide proportions by the 1990's”,3 A huge contributor to this success was, Michael Jordan ,a black American basketball player. This was almost two decades ago and very little has change.…show more content…
The black culture symbolises power and I can see why most, commercial mass media and cultural industries inclusive of sports company's want to be apart or have control in this market, as it is a multi-billion dollar investment. Turn on the television to see the Oscar winning movies influenced by Malcolm X, the pro-basketball players who still try to be the next Michael Jordan, the white boys influenced by Michael Jackson or finally an addiction to hit a power ballad like Aretha

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