Chicken Run Essay

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----------------------- In the film Chicken Run, one of the main characters, Ginger shows the reader how to be positive and achieve your goals. Ginger changes throughout the film from being not sure about her future, to being the chicken who takes the lead and helps all the chickens escape in the end. Ginger has many great qualities. She is one of the few chickens that has goals. The main goal is to escape the horrible chicken farm. When trying to achieve her goal, she shows great hope and trust. She is cautious about who she trusts, the wrong person or chicken. She shows great persistence and thinks widely about how to make the great escape. She is always communicating, giving the other chickens encouragement and hope. We often see Ginger taking risks but she also questions Rocky how much he is really interested in helping all the chickens. Ginger unfortunately does not have a sense of humour and is always serious. She is always anxious which makes her act in a panic stricken way when she should be calm She always seems scared when faced with her many challenges. Ginger tries to please many of the chickens but her trust and obedience is what leads to Rocky taking advantage of her. At the start, she is easily fooled and deceived by Rocky because of her naïvety. Ginger is like a flower that blossoms. She goes from a chicken that fears everything, obeys everyone and is extremely insecure to a strong willed, independent, confident chicken. By the end of the film, Ginger makes you realise the strengths of being a confident leader. She gives the audience a real hope of achieving dreams. Overall, Ginger plays a very important role in the film by teaching us the values of leadership, persistence, trust and self confidence. She instigates the plan to free all the chickens. When she carries out the plan to escape, she makes the viewer feel positive, showing how
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