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Character Analysis Till We Have Faces, written by C.S. Lewis, is a novel based on the Greek legend of Psyche and Cupid. The main character and narrator, Orual, retells her life from when she was young to her present age. In the story she tells of how being the ugly sister compared her two beautiful sisters, Redival and Psyche, has impacted her life substantially. Psyche was the major reason behind Orual’s actions because Orual was jealous that everyone noticed Psyche and never acknowledged her, and this would ultimately lead to the sacrificing of Psyche to the mountain god, Ungit. It is evident that Lewis portrays Psyche as a believably perfect person because she is very noble throughout Till We Have Faces(Abromaitis, 4246). These traits are shown when Psyche is referred to as a “goddess” by Redival, when she tries to nurse the Fox, a Greek slave purchased by the King to teach Redival, Orual, and Psyche various things, and when she met with Orual to plan the Fox’s escape. The first time Psyche shows her noble character was when Redival made fun of Psyche by saying, “Why don’t you honour the goddess?” to Orual. She said that quote in reference to Psyche’s action of kissing a woman’s baby when the woman claimed it would make her baby beautiful.…show more content…
She showed nobility when she kissed the woman’s baby to make her happy and disregarded Redival’s negative criticism. She showed nobility when she stopped at no cost to nurse the Fox back to health. She showed nobility when she discussed the plan to free the Fox with Orual. Psyche rarely showed anger and she always tried to help others throughout the novel. She always loved and respected people for their inner beauty like the Fox and especially Orual, whereas others would judge them by their physical appearance. All of these examples prove that Psyche was a believably perfect person with great

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