Cooking Chicken Essay: How To Frry Chicken

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Mr.Morris EN 1113 2 September 2008 How to Fry Chicken When it comes to frying chicken it is not all that easy. Everybody’s fried chicken doesn’t taste the same. A person can make a good fried chicken by doing the following steps. Step one is to clean the chicken. Step two is seasoning the chicken. The last and final step is to fry the chicken. A person must clean the chicken properly. That means defrosting the chicken at room temperature. If the chicken is frozen, a person should thaw the chicken. To do this, a person should run hot water in the sink. After running hot water in the sink half way, it is now time to place the frozen chicken in the hot water. Let the chicken remain in the hot water until it is not frozen anymore. By doing this a person will prevent bacteria and fungus. Then rinse the chicken once more. This will get any left over bacteria off. After cleaning the chicken, a person should start seasoning the…show more content…
After doing this, a person should set the temperature hand on six or seven. By doing this the grease starts to get hot and melt. Next, let the grease sit for about seven to ten minutes. To see if the chicken is ready to be dropped in the grease, a person should sprinkle just a little flour in the grease. If the grease starts sizzling, the chicken is ready to be placed in the frying pan. If the grease does not sizzle, then let the grease continue to get hot. Do not let the grease get to hot, because when a person place the chicken in the frying pan, it will cook to fast. This will call cause the chicken to burn. A person should then place the chicken in the frying pan. Then a person should flip the chicken back and forth until the chicken starts floating. When the chicken starts floating it is done. Be sure not to let the chicken fry on side for more than ten minutes. This will cause the chicken to burn

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