The Farmer'S Bride Commentary

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In the poem The Farmer’s Bride by Charlotte Mew, the use of language makes the reader feel sorry for the farmer and his bride. This grief is due to the situation that the poor couple are in and how the farmer refers as his bride to an animal. Within the poem, the farmer explains how the maid is related to animal, and how she is always acting like one. He calls her a “frightened fay” because he married her too young and she is scared to be in his presence, like a child is scared of an older or bigger object or person. This shows how timid she is just like a small fay. When she is “flying like a hare” it shows how she is desperate to get out and how realistic the situation is. It is like the farmer is hunting for game, never giving up on his prey and will do anything to catch it. This also shows his desperation for her, although he rarely admires her. The maid is a very shy person, like the personality of a mouse. She is always doing busy work, but never says a word. Although she plays and chats with birds and rabbits, she never says a word to the farmer. This portrays the lack of communication and how she is quiet like a mouse. She is very calm and only acts when asked upon. When the farmer explains “‘Out ‘mong the sheep, her be,’they said” its showing how he has extreme control over her, and how she is only just an animal figure. Also, he doesn’t know where she is because “they said” she was among the sheep. This also ties back with the lack of communication and visual contact between the two. “Lying awake with her wide brown stare.” This line communicates to the reader how she is like an animal in a couple of key ways. One being when a deer is struck in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, the big, blank stare is seen by the car’s driver, and they see the emptiness and innocence in the creature. The other way is because she lies awake like something is after

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