The Dominance on Mankind

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Page 1 The Dominance on Mankind "The Bull Moose" by Alden Nowlan and "Traveling Through the dark" by William Stafford treats nature differently. One poem states why would people enjoy torturing a wild animal and the other tells the story of finding a dead deer (pregnant) in the road while driving along one night. In both poems, mankind shows domination, but each treats dominance differently. Nowlan shows how the civilians showed no sympathy for the nature but Stafford shows that a civilian has compassion towards nature. In "The Bull Moose", the civilians in the poem showed no compassion towards nature. The narrator states "Down from the purple mist of trees on the mountain, lurching through forests a white spruce and cedar, stumbling through tamarack swamps, came the bull moose to be stopped at last by a pole-fenced pasture". This shows that the moose was under some type of distress and landed at the edge of civilization. Civilians quickly gathered once they heard of it. The civilians realized the moose had no strength and could not defend himself so they decided to take advantage of the moose. The narrator states "The children teased him with alder switches and he gazed at them like an old, tolerant collie". Also, the men tried to pour beer down his throat, while the women took pictures. The humiliation didn't stop there. The narrator goes on to state "And the bull moose let them stroke his tick-ravaged flanks, let them pry open his jaws with bottles, let a giggling girl plant a little purple cap of thistles on his head". These despicable acts by the civilians, reminds me of the torture that Jesus went Page 2 through for us. "The Bull Moose" is a fairly crafted poem which reminds us of how far man has strayed from nature. In the poem "Traveling Through the Dark", the civilians shows dominance but in a different way. In this poem, the civilian was
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