Chevron Oronite Cross-Cultural Perspectives

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Chevron Oronite Cross-Cultural Perspectives Chevron Oronite is a global organization. They provide and manufacturer of fuel and lubricant additives for their customers around the world. Chevron Oronite global Headquarters Is located in San Ramon, California. Chevron headquarters for the Americas Region comprising of North America, South America and Canada is located in Houston, Texas. Chevrons also have headquarters in Paris, France, and Singapore. Providing services the Asia Pacific Region and Europe, Africa and the Middle East Region to headquarters (Chevron Oronite Company LLC, 2012). This report is to briefly recognize awareness on how global organizations effect local communities outside the United States. Having so many locations to provide services worldwide question will always arise concerning local residents and government. There is always going to be concern within local communities whenever businesses conduct business outside. One concern the locals will have is how the business will have an effect on the community. This may be a positive or negative effect. Other concerns that may arise are safe environment, human rights, and Language or custom differences to name a few. Diversity Language, cultures, national or religious is different anywhere across the globe. It is important for organizations to be fluent with the languages and have recognizing of the differences there are in its people. This is even more so when conducting business outside the United States. Chevron strives to be the leader in diversity throughout the globe. Chevron respects and values its people differences. The differences in talents and views that differ with cultural religion or believes this is a benefit for chevron with to gain a competitive advantage. Not only do organization gains from recognizing these differences this also promote social responsibilities for other

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