Multiculture in Work Place

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Multicultural Diversity in the Workplace Though somewhat unpretentious by definition, multiculturalism simply refers to an array in a variety of dissimilarities between people in any organization that not only affects how people see themselves but also how they perceive others. Such discernments of other people affect day-to-day interactions and the ability of a wide assortment of employees to function efficiently as an organization; therefore, human resource specialists need to be skillfully trained to deal with issues, such as reverence, adaptableness, and transformation, otherwise communication, and teamwork will be hindered. Furthermore, incorporate race, gender, ethnicity, age, persona, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, upbringing and suddenly the task of promoting effective communication and teamwork among employees in a work center becomes a monumental task for management. Need For Multicultural Training Diverse and multicultural work centers will surge significantly in the approaching years, therefore; a multicultural and diversity-based training regimen must be established for employees ranging from management to laborers. Worldwide Telecommunications Inc. management must identify the immediate need for action and willingly commit to the use of any necessary means of managing the influx of diversity in the workplace. “Even though diversity training may help workers intermingle and coexist with diverse demographics of people, ultimately it does not prepare employees to handle different types of people from varies places around the world when communication and teamwork break-down (Silversparks, 2010)”. Previously, multicultural training has been developed with a focus on cultural concerns often not identifying that when cultures mix in corporate America, conflicts such as tension, breakdowns in communication and
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