Pwsc 32 Essay

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Workbook PWSC 32 1.2 Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided If we use reflective practice it means that we are constantly thinking about the way we have worked and how we can improve on what we have done. If we realise that we have not done the best we can on each day then it is useful to try to work out how we could have done things in a better way. This way we can use our mistakes as tools to help us learn .It is important to consider that if something had been done in a different way then what would the consequences be of that action and who would benefit from it? If we feel that our day has gone very well then it is still a good thing to think about if there were any aspects that could have been done differently to be even better. For example how else could the activity be done and would anyone benefit from it ? By working in this way we are constantly learning about our own way of working and trying to improve . | 1.4 Describe how own values, beliefs systems and experiences may affect working practice Everyone has been brought up in a different way . We are a multi racial and multi cultural society with very many different ways and beliefs about how to eat ,dress behave and worship and very often it is only natural to think that our own way is the right way .This can lead to the thinking that others are wrong if they do things differently but this can badly affect the way people work together. Some may begrudge a colleague for doing a task a certain way because they think it is wrong but in another culture it is considered acceptable . Our life experiences have most likely affected the way we think about people and we all have our own personal like and dislikes too .All this can have a significant effect on how we think of things. It is unlikely that we can
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