Cheating in Baseball

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Kaitlynn Kaslow English 122-801 Professor Maslanka 11 March 2012 Cheating William Moller’s essay “We, the Public, Place the Best Athletes on Pedestals,” and, “Cheating and CHEATING,” by Joe Posnanski talk about baseball and the use of amphetamines (very controversial in the world of baseball). Both authors talk about use of drugs and steroids to get ahead in the game has been done for years and years. Not being a huge fan of baseball sort of distanced me from these articles. I know nothing of any of the all- stars, percentages, or averages mentioned in either of these essays. But both Joe and William are confronting the issue of cheating (using drugs) in baseball. The use of amphetamines and steroids is, has, and most likely always will steal the innocence of this beautiful American sport. “Surely Pete Hamill knows that baseball was never innocent, that America was never innocent, that innocence was never innocent” (Posnanski 556). This in my opinion is a very valid point. I have always wondered where the word “innocence” got its meaning from. What is truly innocent out there? Just as we in the real world, baseball players are just looking to win, move up the ladder of life to take the top position. The more they win the more fans and money they will earn. So why not take something that just gives them the boost they need to be number one? Mr. Moller knows a little something about doing what it takes to be on top. He openly admitted to taking Ritalin to get the grade he wanted in school. I myself being prescribed Adderall for over ten years will admit that there is a huge difference in my performance in work, school, and physical activity now that I am not on them. There is no doubt, if an innocent boy like Mr. Moller would take a drug like this to for school that a major league baseball player would take it to do better in in his sport. Moller

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