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There are many ways to be a good baseball player by cheating. Most common ones are corking bats, pine tar on glove, and steroids. I will be telling you guy about the pros and cons about cheating. I’ll also explain to you how to cork your bat and where to put pine tar on your glove. Throughout the years in baseball major league players had cheated in baseball. Such as Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Joel Peralta. There’s a longer list of other players but the most famous one of all is Sammy Sosa’s corked bat incident. It was caught and was live on national t.v. He had hit the baseball in the wrong spot which caused the bat to break in half. The umpires picked up the bat and saw that the bat was corked. Mark McGwire after retiring from baseball he was voted in the hall of fame. But after 2 years of being in the hall of fame. His conscious was biting him in the butt because he didn’t earn such an honor to be in the hall fame. So he admitted to taking steroids during his career of baseball. He was the voted out of the hall of fame.Which makes us think how many baseball hall of famers might’ve cheated on baseball but never found out. Cheating has become the culture of the game. There are no cons but one if you get caught you get punished. For steroid use the first positive test would result in a fifty game suspension. The second positive test would result in a one-hundred game suspension. Finally, the third positive test would result in a lifetime suspension from Major League Baseball. Players will be tested at least once per year, with a chance that several players can be tested numerous times per year. Most punishments for cheating is being suspended for 10-17 games. Those are pretty harsh punishments if you get caught but as white sox manager Ozzie Guillen once said, “If you don’t get caught, you’re a smart player, if you get caught, then your cheating.” There are

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