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Performance Enhancing Drug Use by Professional Athletes Jensin Burgos Drug and Alcohol Use, Misuse, and Abuse CJ-203 ONLINE Fall 2013 PROF. W. Pearn 11/30/13 TABLE OF CONTENT I. INTRODUCTION – (THESIS STATEMENT ON PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS) II. BODY- P.E.D danger, abuse a. Athletes that are well known using P.E.D b. News that were not reported III. Alex Rodriguez Dilemma with P.E.D IV. Barry Bonds Dilemma with P.E.D V. Conclusion of why performance enhancing drugs are a problem in today’s society VI. CITES In the previous years numerous athletes in various sports have been wedged using performance-enhancing drugs.…show more content…
What some people don’t know is that some supplements change into illegal steroids once their consumed. Some athletes don’t know where to stop so they keep consuming the P.E.D and one day either pass out or even worst and can result into death. The supplements are very easy to buy and you can get them about anywhere. International people outside of the U.S. buy them here at times and bring them back to their countries and end up being distributers out there. Athletes like Alex Rodriguez were drawn into them like Michael Jordan’s latest shoe. Barry Bonds was recognized as the home run king down the path of his career. Being in the talk of P.E.D use is the worst topic to be even talked about on. It stirs around the public, social media, and then ends up on the news. Being talked about it is the same as not taking the drug enhancers. He was supposed to be inducted to the hall of fame this year for all his hard work that he put in baseball and even then there’s a possibility that he will never be inducted. The public now see’s this as a learning lesson to not come even close to…show more content…
But it also has many dangerous side effects. Anabolic steroids are made in many shapes, which can be consumed orally, injected or rubbed into the skin. Another article which involves “A Statement on steroids, but what does it say?” with the New York Times talks about how steroids mess up an athletes chance of being inducted into the hall of fame. Roger Clemens and Barry bonds were blocked at least for now in the hall of fame because of the steroids era. The public is so concerned with athletes because they have kids looking up to these guys. They should be the first ones to set the example but instead are tarnishing their names with their use of Performance Enhancement

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