Steroids in Baseball

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Kevin Pankonien Pinki Charkrabati ENG 107-13 March 12, 2014 Compare and Contrast Many debate whether PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) such as HGH and steroids have had a negative impact on Major League Baseball over the past twenty years. For instance, the article “Performance Enhancing Drugs” by Jarred Tynes argues that steroids must be removed from the MLB. He states that “The MLB must strictly adhere to a new policy to ensure its effectiveness” (Tynes, p. 15). Tynes argues that PEDs are ruining the game of baseball and could be fatal to the players using them. On the contrary, a study performed by professors from California Berkley suggests that PEDs increase offensive production and make the game more exciting (Grossman, pg. 5). These to arguments lead people to debate what role PEDs should have on MLB. Should more be done to eliminate them completely? Or, should we embrace the changes and allow players to use PEDs in small and safe quantities? In the past, research has shown that the use of steroids is physically and mentally harmful to the human body. Steroids are known to increase risk of joint injuries and often cause drastic and sudden mood changes. In some cases the side effects can even be fatal. In February of 2003, a Baltimore Orioles pitcher, Steve Bechler collapsed during sprints and died. Bechler’s cause of death could be traced back to the PED named ephedrine. The stimulant was used to minimize fatigue, increase performance ability, and control weight. In the end, the PED caused Bechler to have a heatstroke and die (Tynes, pg. 2). With numerous cases like this taking place in other sports, the MLB is desperately trying to eliminate PEDs from baseball in order to keep their players safe. Also, baseball would like to avoid dishonest players from kicking dirt on “America’s Past Time.” The MLB organization is not the only ones

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