Characteristics Coaches Look for in Baseball Players

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Dominic Tufaro Ms. Bickel Adv. English 2 27 October 2014 Characteristics Coaches Look for in Baseball Players Three characteristics a coach will look for when choosing a baseball player are athleticism, attitude, and desire. These traits are theoretically the traits that the best player has to have. The book Moneyball by Michael Lewis explains how all of these traits make the perfect athlete. Also, if a player has all of these traits and some other features that may be distracting or set a bad image, should they be given the benefit of the doubt and be accepted on the team? These are all things a coach may think about when choosing his next team. To begin, one of the most significant things a player needs to be noticed by the coach is to be athletic and have the either the ability to be good at the sport or possibly have a solid foundation to be taught. Furthermore, a player must have enough skill to make tryouts. Lewis mentions says that “the first thing they do is run you” in regards to MLB baseball coaches. This proves that tryouts are very important if they are still being used as a beneficial way to determine which players have the most skill at the professional level. Also, a good player must be able to create opportunities for himself or his team. “I believe the most important thing a player needs to be able to do is to have the ability to create opportunities because if a player can’t give himself a chance to make a play than they will not be able to contribute to the game” says Matt Timbario, head coach for duPont Manual baseball, in regards to aspects good players need. Finally, a good baseball player has to have natural talent to be a successful athlete. If they lack a natural talent than they will most likely lack the instincts to perform in difficult situations or under pressure. In addition, a baseball player must have a goof attitude both on

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